Four legged visitors

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Apr 092013

Wekatie's pet cropped are so excited to have special vistors in our 3’s classes.  Families have volunteered to bring in pets from home to Noah’s Ark Preschool.  The 3 year olds get practice in asking questions and sharing information about that pet.

Pajama Day

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Feb 222013

We had so much fun in our pajamas at preschool.  The three year olds had the PK4’s in envy with their official Pajama party, however everyone had fun and pancakes too!

Get out and VOTE!

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Nov 062012

Today we voted for our snack of the day.  The children were very excited to know that we had an additional Birthday snack, so no matter the outcome of our vote, everyone was happy.

Splatter Paint Day in 3’s class

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Mar 152012

The 3 year olds enjoyed the opportunity to paint like Jackson Pollack.  They worked in pairs to splatter paint on a large piece of paper within a large box.  the box helped to contain most of the extra flying paint.  Groups of children took turns creating a digital version of splatter painting on the iPad as well.