Fire safety

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Oct 082013

All the classrooms at Noah’s Ark are discussing Fire Safety during the month of October.  I wanted to share some infomation from an article from NAEYC.

Young children have a very poor understanding of the risks posed by fire, they associate fire with food, comfort, and fun.  Young children lack the cognitive abiblities to understand that a tiny flame can become a blaze that burns down a whole house.  The challenge of keeping young children from indulging in fire play is complicated by adult perceptions and actions.   Children must be taught what to do if they do come across matches/lighter materials. (We teach the children they need to inform an adult about the matches/lighter and do NOT touch it at all-only adults touch those objects).




Yes! We are back!!

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Sep 122013

We are so glad to be back at Preschool and having all the children here everyday! The classes are settling in and their are a few openings in a few classes to welcome new friends. Call the preschool office for more information.

Noah’s Ark- Closed for the Summer

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May 172013

Noah’s ark Preschool is closed for the summer, however the office is checked on a regular basis.  Please leave a voice mail, email, or letter with the office and we will contact as soon as we are able.  There are a few openings for the preschool year 2013- 2014 and waiting lists for those classes that are full.

Be sure to enjoy your summer, read to your children, and stay safe.

Summer Stories in the Park

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Apr 262013
Sponsored by Bloomington and Normal Parks and Recreation Departments
Presented by the Twin City Tale Spinners
All Programs are FREE and open to the public 
Stories include popular books and audience participation tales.  Each program includes theme-related activities and a snack.
Tuesday, June 4 – 10:00 A.M.  Miller Park by the outdoor stage
Theme:  Food
Stories:  Sky Food, The Hungry Wolf, and others
Craft:  Cloud food pictures    Snack:  Popcorn or corn puffs
Thursday, June 6  10:00 A.M.  Connie Link Amphitheater
Theme:  Backyard Bash
Stories:  Ladybug Girl, Jimmy’s BIG Bubble and others
Activity:  Bubble Blowing    Snack:  Round Cookies
Tuesday, June 11  10:00 A.M.  Miller Park by the outdoor stage
Theme:  Zoos
Stories:  Why the Elephant Has a Long Nose, Going to the Zoo and others
Activity:  Feed the Elephant Game   Snack:  Animal Crackers
Thursday, June 13  10:00  Connie Link Amphitheater
Theme:  Fishing Fun
Stories:  Granddad’s Fishing Buddy, The Little Fish Wins and others
Activity:  Catching Balloon Fish    Snack:  Goldfish Snack Crackers
Tuesday, June 18  10:00 Miller Park by the outdoor stage
Theme:  Gardens
Stories:  Stone Soup, The Goats in the Garden and others
Activity:  Plant Flowers in Dixie Cup   Snack  Garden Carrots and Celery
Thursday, June 20  10:00  Connie Link Amphitheater
Theme:  Butterfly Garden
Stories:  Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Emperor and the Butterflies and others
Activity:  Decorate your own butterfly    Snack:  Lollypops
Tuesday, June 25  10:00 Miller Park by the outdoor stage
Theme:  Beach
Stories:  The Magic Eyes of Little Crab, Ladybug Girl at the Beach and others
Activity:  Make the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Snail:  Snack:  Flavored Ice Pops
Thursday, June 27  10:00  Connie Link Amphitheater
Theme:  Circus
Real CLOWN will introduce magic tricks
Stories:  Secret Circus, Circus Caps for Sale
Activity:  Walk a Tightrope, Jump Through Hula Hoop    Snack:  Animal Crackers

Kindergarten… Are you ready?

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Apr 192013

Below is a list of skills that are helpful for children to be ready for the Kindergarten year.  These are not intended to be a check off list as an assessment, but more of a tool to use when looking for activities to with your child and when considering if your child is ready or could use another year to mature and develop.

Personal and Social Development

Approach to learning

  • Shows eagerness and curiosity as a learner
  • Persists in task and seeks help when encountering a problem
  • Is generally pleasant and cooperative


  • Follows rules and routines
  • Manages transitions (going from one activity to the next)
  • Demonstrates normal activity level

Interactions with Others

  • Interacts easily with one or more children
  • Interacts easily with familiar adults
  • Participates in group activities
  • Plays well with others
  • Takes turns and shares
  • Cleans up after play

Conflict Resolution

  • Seeks adult help when needed to resolve conflicts
  • Uses words to resolve conflicts

Language and Literacy


  • Listens with understanding to directions and conversations
  • Follows one-step directions
  • Follows two-step directions


  • Speaks clearly enough to be understood without contextual clues
  • Relates experiences with some understanding of sequences of events

Literature and Reading

  • Listens with interest to stories read aloud
  • Shows interest in reading-related activities
  • Retells information from a story
  • Sequences three pictures to tell a logical story


  • Uses pictures to communicate ideas
  • Uses scribbles, shapes, and letter-like symbols to write words or ideas

Alphabet Knowledge

  • Recites/sings alphabet
  • Matches upper-case letters
  • Matches lower-case letters
  • Identifies upper-case letters
  • Identifies lower-case letters

Mathematical Thinking

Patterns and Relationships

  • Sorts by color, shape, and size
  • Orders or seriates several objects on the basis of one attribute
  • Recognizes simple patterns and duplicates them

Number concept and operations

  • Rote counts to 20
  • Counts objects with meaning to 10
  • Matches numerals
  • Identifies by naming, numerals 0-10

Geometry and spatial relations

  • Identifies 4 shapes- circle, square, rectangle, triangle
  • Demonstrates concepts of positional/directional concepts (up/down, over/under, in/out, behind/in front of, beside/between, top/bottom, inside/outside, above/below, high/low, right/left, off/on, first/last, far/near, go/stop).


  • Shows understanding of and uses comparative words (big/little, large/small, short/long, tall/short, slow/fast, few/many, empty/full, less/more.

Physical Development

Gross-Motor Skills

  • Pedals and steers a tricycle
  • Jumps in place, landing on two feet
  • Jumps consecutively- 7 jumps
  • Balances on one foot for 5 seconds
  • Hops on one foot 2-3 hops
  • Hops on one foot- 6 ft.
  • Throws a ball with direction- 5 ft.
  • Catches a thrown ball with arms and body
  • Climbs a playground ladder
  • Skips smoothly for 20 feet

Fine-Motor Skills

  • Stacks 10, one-inch blocks
  • Strings 4 1/2″ beads in two minutes
  • Completes a seven piece interlocking puzzle
  • Makes a pancake, snake, and ball from playdough
  • Grasps pencil correctly
  • Copies:  vertical line, horizontal line, circle, cross, square, V, triangle
  • Copies first name
  • Prints first name without a model
  • Grasps scissors correctly
  • Cuts within 1/4″ of a 6″ straight line on construction paper
  • Cuts out a 3″ square on construction paper
  • Cuts out a 3″ triangle on construction paper
  • Cuts out a 3″ circle on construction paper
  • Uses a glue stick appropriately
  • Uses appropriate amount of glue for tasks

The Arts

Creative Arts

  • Identifies 10 colors:  red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, black, white, brown, pink
  • Uses a variety of art materials for tactile experience and exploration


  • Participates in group music experiences
  • Participates in creative movement/dance

Creative Dramatics

  • Makes believe with objects
  • Takes on pretend roles and situations

This list was found at

Four legged visitors

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Apr 092013

Wekatie's pet cropped are so excited to have special vistors in our 3’s classes.  Families have volunteered to bring in pets from home to Noah’s Ark Preschool.  The 3 year olds get practice in asking questions and sharing information about that pet.

Pajama Day

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Feb 222013

We had so much fun in our pajamas at preschool.  The three year olds had the PK4’s in envy with their official Pajama party, however everyone had fun and pancakes too!


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Jan 312013

February 1st is the national Go Red Day for Heart Health.  Noah’s Ark Preschool will be decked out in Red for the next couple of weeks.  Remember to wear Red to Preschool on February 1st and 5th to help celebrate healthy hearts.

Why is Noah’s Ark Preschool going RED?  We would like all the families to be aware of their heart health and how important it is to “know your numbers”, eat healthy, move with your children, and relax.  Your hearts depend on it.  Mrs. Iverso is nearing the ONE YEAR mark of her heart attack.  Know the signs and care for yourself as many people love you and look forward to spending many more years with you!

Registration for 2013-2014

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Jan 252013

Registrationfor the upcoming fall begins TOMORROW!  We have so much to offer.  Come visit the preschool Saturday morning beginning at 10:00am.  We will take registration forms at 10AM for St. John’s Church members and Noah’s Ark Preschool Alumni families, then open to the community wide at 12:00 noon.  This is such an exciting time to look forward to a new adventure of our upcoming preschool year.  Call us with quesstions, 309-828-1974.

Get out and VOTE!

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Nov 062012

Today we voted for our snack of the day.  The children were very excited to know that we had an additional Birthday snack, so no matter the outcome of our vote, everyone was happy.